The sharp blur

© Terri Weifenbach

© Terri Weifenbach

If clearness expresses understandability and accuracy, blurs and out of focus are rather discriminant with some blurred images being of utmost precision.

In photography bokeh refers to an out-of-focus effect in areas that lie out of the depth of field, a technique when it’s not unintentional. Some images created with a special aperture will even give a special bokeh that’s designed to be soft where the photograph then accentuates the contrast between a distinct image and a fuzzy background where bokeh can make a subject stand out against its surroundings. The technical mastery of this technique also enhances the importance of everything purposely made out-of-focus while producing a circle of light and mystery. Playing with various forms of halos, bokeh gives space new dimensions where all things seem to breathe differently, same as the Impressionists did in painting. It gives a new clearness and brightness to the eye.

The word bokeh originates from the Japanese technique named bokashi which was used for printing paintings. Bokashi enables a shading off within a tinted area of the same color giving depth and shade. Bokashi was in use by the popular Ukiyo-e movement which reproduced paintings by printing. Ukiyo-e means pictures of a floating world.

This artistic control of color auras where matter appears to be made of light seems to express to the eye what our nose perceives with scents. This relationship led diptyque to ask photographer Terri Weifenbach to put image in as well as light, in its new eau de toilette Florabellio.

The photograph made bokeh its artistic speciality. All of Terri Weifenbach’s work is focused on nature, whether in detail – flowers, leaves, sprouts, or as a whole picture – woods, fields or gardens. She’s particularly fascinated by the interdependency between mankind and nature, their mutual interference. The link with a fragrance keeps its connection as a perfume works at combining and arranging natural scents.

Florabellio eau de toilette is a scented chord in which the dominant is apple blossom developing the harmony of essences of bergamote and osmanthus, coffee beans and sesame seeds as the base. diptyque thought of Terri Weifenbach’s work named Lana to illustrate this perfume. Lana is the name of the northern Italian region in the Tyrolean Mountains where she photographed orchards in flower and fruit against the background of mountains with the glimmer from white clouds. These photographs show pointillism tones composed of radiant gleaming items, all playing together in a silent symphony as a perfume does.