diptyque is a house that develops and distributes fragrances inspired by past memories.

Its past testifies to an originality that infuses its present which in turn breathes this spirit into its new creations.

Through its desires and dreams, discipline and respect, research and instinct, diptyque has forged itself an atypical personality

Appreciated and present all over the world, it no less retains a human and personal dimension reflected in its stores and fragrances

Curious about the world, the history of materials and know-how, its innovative desire reflects its interest in whatever promises the future holds.

A fertile liberty, the legacy of its founders, a pioneering spirit which expresses itself beyond genres and fashions, a sincerity that reflects the emotion contained in each fragrance…

These could be the first strokes in a portrait.





Before even being the name of our house, diptyque was the name of an adventure, that of a true friendship between three artists, Christiane Gautrot, Yves Coueslant and Desmond Knox-Leet. It then became the adventure of their spiritual heirs until today, when intuition keeps outweighing sole calculation. memento, the online magazine of diptyque, is our new way to capture this initial mindset.

memento is an adventure as well as an invitation. It is an editorial walk of the eye that we welcome you to indulge in. memento will be somehow in line with the sketch pads of our traveler founding artists, pursuing on line the trail of their free spirits and sharp tastes.

memento stems from a wish: to address you differently and more spontaneously, in the course of our agenda, including discoveries and meaningful encounters. memento wishes to tell events of the life of diptyque; to speak about a raw material or an ingredient; to introduce you to personalities or specific artcrafts; to travel around the world or within the history of the house; and finally to share art works or exhibitions which touch us or which echo our perceptions: memento will be our collective voice along the way as well as out of the blue.

This world and its stories are interwoven with indescribable correspondences: from a spice to a culture, from a color to a symbol, from a place to memories, from a myth to some know-how… memento would also like to invite and solicit your curiosities to the adventure of such invocations.

You will find in the Shadow of scents publications related to our creations; a little further, in Crossed-paths, will appear some of our collaborations or the portraits of creative people we came to meet; Along the way is more a section for a free program, where to share our tastes and the anecdotes about our house.

Hence, memento wishes to be a place online that speaks of us while speaking of around ourselves. The spirit of this magazine is recreational, instructive, pleasant and welcoming, without any prescriptive intention. The main editorial line is to remain faithful to the original sensibility of diptyque: we will do our best to keep it burning with a new formula to modulate who we are today.

Two weekly posts are planned. Please come and join us!