A nymph of remarkable beauty, Pomona is the goddess of fruit.

She often appears with an apple in her hand as she’s linked to the Epimeliads who are protectors of apple trees. Her hair is as white as apple blossoms which is why she was chosen to symbolize the eau-de-toilette Florabellio whose keynote is apple blossom.

In ancient times the nymphs were minor deities always connected to nature but Pomona was not fond of wild nature. On the contrary, she only felt comfortable in the gardens or woods – she liked a nature tended to by a human hand.

The Florabellio’s label design is like a sketch – Pomona holding a garland of flowers symbolizing the horns of abundance drawn for eau-de-toilette Olène. Pomona’s open arms form an oval with the flowers, and within this frame the nymph of Etruscan origin lets appear a pretty little Normandy village.