Fly me to the 34

diptyque bleeker

One day in the nineties, in the boutique of the 34 boulevard Saint Germain.

At that time, diptyque was selling a pack of 36 candles in a wooden crate called “caisse américaine”, or American case.

A lady comes in. She is picturesque, eccentric and highly distinguished. An American lady. Great wealth with no doubt.

Madam would like to acquire an American case of almond-scented candles.

She is on a hurry.

Madam is courteous and shows excellent manners.

But still, she is very much on a hurry.

A limousine is parked just in front of the boutique. Engine is most likely running.

“Madam, may I please propose you to fill out a form for tax-refund?”

“No thank you, it is very nice of you, but there’s not time for it” “I am to be at Le Bourget airport within the shortest time possible. The truth is that I unexpectedly ran short of diptyque candles. And I did need them immediately. I now have to go, my jet is waiting!”

“Oh, but may I ask you: where are you flying to?”

“Texas. My ranch is running on diptyque fragrances you know. Time to go. Au revoir Monsieur!”

“Au revoir Madame.”