Ylang-Ylang Island

© Givaudan

© Givaudan

Since 2013, diptyque has been closely working alongside the Givaudan foundation to preserve the cultivation of the ylang-ylang flower on the Moheli Island, in the Comoro Islands, the Islands of the Moon…

The Ylang-tree is cultivated for trade in many humid tropical regions, propitious to its growth. Its flower is precious for perfumery. But its uncontrolled cultivation for many years has caused numerous ecological disruptions and conflicts of interest, which were detrimental not only to the quality of the essence of the flower, but even also to its own conditions of fertility in the future.

The purpose of such commitment is to create sustainable conditions of cultivation of ylang-ylang by taking ecological measures, and also to improve the quality of extraction. This program naturally involves the local growers and farmers of the island, particularly through educational and cultural programs. These programs regard agricultural techniques – teaching and training for plantation, harvest and distillation – and general instruction, including financing school materials. It is a long-term program carried out within a sustainable development framework.

diptyque‘s engagement focuses on:

– Removing weeds and shaping them into beautiful outstretched umbrellas that make harvesting easier and will help women to collect the delicate flower in bamboo baskets… Cared for in this way, the shrubs will live for over thirty years

– Planting appropriate varieties such as acacias for firewood needed for distillation. These plantation are to be made in the rainy season according to the pedo – climatic context. These trees can only be cut and used at 2-3 years of growth

– Supporting creation, legitimacy and identification of rangers: to avoid any risk of uncontrolled deforestation, representatives of surrounding villages were identified to fulfill the role of rangers and ensure the security of the plantations. diptyque and Givaudan supported the purchase of new uniforms in order to improve the visibility and legitimacy of these rangers. They are now dressed in suitable attire to monitor the area.

In 2014, 1500 ylang-ylang trees were planted, as well as about 4000 plants of firewood. 70 new uniforms were distributed to rangers.

Launched the same year, Eau Mohéli is a scented chord in which the dominant is ylang-ylang, developing its natural spectrum both luxuriant and melodic. This Eau de Toilette is nearly built upon one sole floral component, thus conceived to highlight ylang-ylang, and rediscover the purity of its essence, learn again to inhale its unaltered fragrance.