Meet Qubo Gas

QUBO GAS 2014 - here comes the sun

QUBO GAS 2014 - here comes the sun

Qubo Gas have been taking on the task since 2000.

They are a collective of three people working individually and all together. They are striving to create visual experiences that stimulate the imaginary through automatic drawing and chromatic vibrations. They build up sediments of color swathes, adding layers of thickness and creating a dialogue of colorful hues and shaded off tones as well. Their drawings grow by blossoming of colorings.

Qubo Gas will be using all sorts of tools: felt pens, collages, stencils of patterns, watercolors, pastels and then software, retouch, image-cuttings and delineation tools. While mixing techniques, they are sharpening their inventiveness and ingeniousness. They also switch between improvisations and software programming. During exhibitions, they have implemented a mechanism that involves the spectator in their work, which was modified as they were walking through the exhibition room: without knowing, visitors were unwittingly promoted “spectactors”.

Laura Henno, Jef Ablézot et Morgan Dimnet are showing an enlightened sense of dynamic associations of colors.

What will rush to the eyes is a multicolored assorted fresco, assembling singles touches with a collective signature, and creating mixed nuances of tones as if coming out of a trans-individual palette from pastel to pixel.

Traditional techniques, digital technologies, paper-based or concrete wall paintings, illustrations or artistic performances, Qubo Gas have a broad spectrum of skills.

In their own language, Qubo Gas have interpreted the diptyque edition “Hiver 2014”, giving to its fragrances their optical harmonics.

Qubo Gas listen to a lot of different music. Mainly songs. Also when at work. Listening inspires their visions. Synesthesia. For this special edition for the end of the year, diptyque & Qubo Gas will recommend:


La Vie en Rose

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Mr Sandman

Little Saint Nick

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

Fly Me To The moon

Wonderful Christmas Time

Can’t take my eyes off you

Sexual Healing

La Planète Sauvage