Olfactory accident


Olfactive accident is an interesting expression and has always been part of diptyque scents. Property, temperament, character and distinction, yes but what does this formula mean? The unsuspecting accident does not solely refer to diptyque composition final versions, it’s also a research option when starting out to build a new fragrance – “What will its olfactive accident be?” we wonder.

Olivier Pescheux, renowned perfumer and “nose” who works with the House, writes – “The olfactive accident at diptyque is the first step in a treasure hunt. It amounts to sometimes putting on a extravagant hat on the perfume’s head so as to maintain the suspense and surprise when discovering its different aspects.”

Fabrice Pellegrin, perfumer at Firmenich (another renowned nose also working with the House) goes even further – “The olfactive accident is an integral part of diptyque. It’s present in every creation, it’s a signature of their products and gives that little bit extra, being a remarkable identity. The olfactive accident is not an error, it’s simply adding something that you would never have expected would be possible. It adds to the fragrance, lingers on, surprises, intoxicates and becomes something essential the fragrance cannot do without”.

These two custom fragrance creators help define the olfactive accident – a stimulating ingredient hidden in an scent arrangement that gives it its tone, vibrations and makes it dynamic. It’s an unexpected musical note that would resemble that augmented or diminished temporarily the dissonant interval, that gives an impression of instability bringing tension and calling for its necessary harmonic resolution. The accident intensifies the harmony of the arrangement and of course should be unobtrusive, active, at once infective yet almost undetectable. It’s the fruit of an identity so can only be invented and put into play each time by perfumers who are not only talented but who know and love diptyque.