L’Eau de Tarocco

L'Eau de Tarocco_dessin.jpg

diptyque’s Eaux Parfumées (Personal Fragrances) are being highlighted and among these, some belong to a family called Hesperides which were nymphs who lived in a blissful garden of immortality. There these young ravishing sisters sang and had a playful life fiercely ensuring protection of the garden’s golden apples with the backing of Ladon, the one-hundred-headed dragon. The word hesperide is Greek meaning sunset. Because it was located in the extreme west at the time, beyond Libya, the Garden of Hesperide was mythologically facing Morocco and consequently it has often been assumed that these golden apples could have been oranges or quinces.

L’Eau de Tarocco is perfumed with the sweet Tarocco orange grown in Morocco, flavoured with spices of which saffron and cinnamon give the sense of an olfactory accident, a diptyque signature.

The fragrance was inspired by the popular and excellent Moroccan orange salads. Of course there are a thousand and one recipes but it’s the quality of the Tarocco orange that gives the salad all the richness of its sweet flavor. It can also be mixed with grapefruit – for large oranges (or four of each if with grapefruit) peeled and cut into wedges. Press an orange and half a lemon adding a spoon of sugarcane syrup then a sachet of saffron’s pistils or a teaspoon of cinnamon. Add some fresh mint leaves or, for a change, fresh basil leaves. Mix and put in the fridge ready to pour onto the fruit wedges just before serving. Almond slivers can be added too or a mandarin sorbet, these remain at your discretion but sun is a mandatory ingredient.