diptyque questionnaire: Leslie David

Leslie David

Leslie David

The diptyque questionnaire was based on the one completed by Marcel Proust which had become popular and out of the 34 questions, the diptyque partner answering them will choose which they wish to share on memento.

Leslie David is a graphic artist graduated from l’École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Lyon and l’École supérieure des arts décoratifs de Strasbourg. Art-wise, she fancies venturing her academic skills into alternative fields. From sport to fashion – read couture, her talent is much wooed… And it was the cover she had designed for the album Love-Letters from electro-pop band Metronomy that led diptyque to ask her if she would conceive the illustration for Rose Delight.


2. Which period in the history of mankind – a « far away land » in Racine’s words – would you like to visit as an invisible tourist?
It’s not very romantic but I would love to be transported back to a Seventies supermarket.

3. Your favourite meal?
I love food too much to have just one, but if I had to choose it would definitely come from the sea!

4. Your favourite smell?
A mixture of orange blossom, lemon, rosemary and lavender – a little bit of Provence in short.

5. Your Proustian madeleine?
Fresh raspberries growing randomly in my grandparent’s garden in the Ardeche.

6. Which musical instrument would you be?
A Ukelele, small and joyous.

7. The creature that moves you the most?
I’m particularly fond of red pandas although I’ve never stroked one!

8. Synesthesia: do you make any sensory associations linking shapes, colours, fragrances and sound?
I associate the days of the week with colours; I think it comes from those daily school diaries that we had at primary school.

9. Which characteristic do you have that may pull you back?
I’m a great multi-tasker but by doing 12 things at the same time I forget to finish half of them off…

10. And a flaw to which you are most indebted?
I’m indecisive which is very tiring but it forces me to be cautious and to reflect on things, so it’s not that bad.

11. To be totally yourself, must you forget about yourself completely?
No, you really must know yourself.

13. What activity do you love doing so much that you lose track of time?
Ceramics but I don’t do it enough, sadly.

15. Music that is like Paradise Lost to your ears?
Go to Radio.com, select Brazil and pick the Seventies!

16. Favourite landscape?
Hiking in the Pyrénées in summertime.

30. What is craftsmanship in our day and age?
A knowledge-base to be protected, transmission that is being lost

32. The genie in the lamp is granting you three wishes

– the power of teletransportation
– the power to relive moments that have passed
– World peace, amen