Monkey Bird Crew

photo26_21.10 - MBC - fresque FIAC

MBC: Monkey Bird Crew.
Temor and Blow: the graphic designers’ collective.
Street art: the operating method.
Drawings, paintings, stenciled works, collages: the mastered techniques.

Monkey Bird Crew recreate wild animals upon our urban anonymous walls. These wild animals stand for the eye of shame for a repelled, destroyed and denied Nature. And annihilated species.
Monkey Bird create, draw, act and perform to question the link between freedom and property, anthropocene, and the high tide of destruction.
Their aesthetic is inspired by old engravings, signs from antic calligraphies as well as the alternative syntax of illegal art. They do also reveal a strong artistic affinity with the Arts & Crafts movement of the late Victorian era, that associated the fine arts with the applied arts and with craftsmanship. Monkey Bird are using symbols while searching for a universal medium, striving to foil the consensual stereotypes.
Temor is more into animal with hair, hence his avatar is the monkey; Blow prefers the animals with feathers, hence the owl.

21.10.2014 : the date.
(Off)iciel FIAC (International Fair of Contemporary Art): the context.
The docks of « la Cité de la Mode et du Design », Paris, 13e arrondissement : the place.

diptyque did support the Monkey Bird making up a monumental fresco from scratch. Both diptyque and Monkey Bird Crew are sharing many aesthetical influences, starting with the Arts & Crafts movement, which paved the way to their meaningful junction.