Art of Body care: Mediterranean stopovers


The ten products in the Art of Body care range are reminiscent of stopovers in the Mediterranean basin. Every ingredient used and gesture involved when applying these products to delighted skin is like enjoying a break in one of these sun-filled and legend-packed lands.

Scented with bergamot, the soft and energising Body/hair wash gel brings Calabria to mind, a place where citrus fruit grows in the fresh air of the mountains and the sea.

The pomegranate in our Exfoliating cream is reminiscent of ancient Carthage where the shade of the pomegranate trees brings welcome respite from the heat. Jojoba microbeads exfoliate the skin before nourishing it with pomegranate oil, jasmine blossom and peach butter.
The fresh Body Milk with orange blossom takes us to Alexandria, a port and gateway to the desert. Creamy and moisturising, enriched with the essential fatty acids of organic sweet almond oil and macadamia oil, it peps up the skin like a fresh morning ocean breeze.

The Rich Cream combines soothing floral rose water with organic honey and argan oil. It nourishes, protects and scents the skin. The silky luster it brings to the skin is reminiscent of bathers in Turkish baths and a mirage of Byzantium…

The Precious Oil scented with Pallida iris blossom is a stopover in Florence where this flower is the city’s symbol. Its intense softening properties comes from organic oils such and soothing almond oil and nourishing argan oil. The combination of both softens and protects the skin.

The Softening Hand Wash takes us to the perfume capital of Grasse, its symbolic stopover, due to its organic lavender floral water, a plant grown in the region. Combined with organic rosemary floral water and essential oil of lemon, its rich active ingredients cleanse the skin and provide a feeling of well-being.

Our Satin Veil is a trip to the Island of Rhodes due to its jasmine scent. This is both a body and hair care product. The jasmine absolute, avocado and urucum oils are magical for the skin.  Finally, Grandiflorum jasmine and Ylang-Ylang flesh out this honeyed veil with its satiny feel on the skin.

The apricot scent in the Generous Balm takes us to Cordoba where this fruit was honoured by the Caliphate who brought it and reigned there. This balm has the powdery velvetiness of the fruit.  Revitalising shea butter, invigorating organic argan oil and softening apricot almond oil generously repairs dry skin on the hands and restores softness.

Velvet Emulsion covers the hands with a veil of softness similar to the white blanket of Golden Eternal flower blossom around its shrubbery. The combination of organic Eternal floral water and Roman camomile, organic sesame oil, acacia honey, sweet almond milk and liquorice unites regenerating, moisturising, antioxidant and skin brightening properties in one emulsion… Its chosen city is ancient Corinth.

This body care cruise takes us to a final stopover and the latest addition to the Art of Body care range, our Revitalising Balm. The citrus richness takes us to Catania in Sicily and its fertile volcanic soil. This Revitalising Balm brings together the nourishing active agents of Catania oranges, clementines, lemon and sweet oranges in a softly textured scented dry oil.

The expertly crafted products in diptyque’s Art of Body care range with their soft textures, healthy benefits and lovely fragrances form part of many familiar and intimate gestures. And these gestures incorporate the experience all these refreshing Mediterranean stopovers.