Art Du Soin Face care


The face’s natural movement goes from oneself to another. Never identical along the days passing, it defines a person’s identity without any margin for error over the course of a whole lifetime. And yet no-one ever sees their own face, just a reflection, nothing but an image. This face that we are recognised by is our very own unknown. It is such a common thing that we forget how amazing it really is.

Hence the sense of care that is its due: we must help it on its dynamic journey towards the outside. Make it shine. As radiant as the luminous projection of a star. A face should express a gleaming intensity, vivacity of tone, vitality, health and naturalness. It is with this mindset that diptyque has approached this new venture in face care.

The first challenge was technological: how best to conserve the beneficial yield of the plants’ active agents. Each flower, leaf, root and seed is selected on the basis of its nourishing ingredients: vitamins, minerals and moisturising agents.
The slow infusion technique reactivates the principles of extraction in traditional herbal medicine in a technologically adapted laboratory setting.
The hydrolating method preserves the optimal strength of the extracted agents by distilling a maceration of herbal substances. Damask rose, jasmine, white lily, ylang-ylang, neroli, almond, oats, orange blossom and many other plants have been selected in line with the expected use for the range of applications, from water-based to salves, waxes to powders, thick masks to light creams.

The act of splashing one’s face with water connects all of us with the origins of humanity – our ancestors having done it. So as to serve this ageless tradition, diptyque’s approach is non-gender, remaining faithful to its first eau de toilette, L’Eau, created in 1968. Setting apart this careful attention to the face, accounts for using the word ritual.