Infused skincare

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L’Art Du Soin for the Face by diptyque are based on infused skincare. The driving force and science behind the range involves collecting the plants and extracting the therapeutic benefits from them. The methods used to acquire the active substances from plants are all natural in origin.

Infused skincare revolves around four techniques for extracting compounds: infusion, maceration, distillation and extraction. Each technique is chosen for the purest extraction of the required compounds from the plant including minerals, hydrating agents, amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, sugars and essential fatty acids. All (or part) of the plant material, be that petal, bark, seed or leaf, is treated in relation to its qualities and effects.
            Infusion is a timeless method of impregnation, whereby the raw material is left to soak in a liquid. The latter can be boiled, but isn’t always, and consistency can be aqueous or oily depending on the plant used and the essences that are required to be extracted from it.
            Maceration extraction of essential oils involves infusion with the resulting liquid left cold or warm. This process therefore takes longer. The substance obtained after maceration in oil is particularly concentrated in nature and is called an oleate.
            Distillation involves separating the compounds from fresh plant material by selective evaporation. During the vapour’s passage along the condenser, essential oils are separated from the hydrolat (distilled plant water). The latter, also called flower water, contains the optimal strength of the active compounds. The extracted material from the maceration process is often distilled. Repeated distillation is called cohobation.
            Extraction is a chemical process that isolates the plant material at low temperature in « supercritical carbon dioxide » (the solvent). This technology protects the whole integrity of the cells. It is used in the making of perfume concretes. Extraction collects the essential oil or « absolute » from a plant. This is a concentrated waxy mass packed with a wealth of plant molecules including fatty acids, esters, vitamins and sterols.

Launched two years ago, our L’Art Du Soin for the Face is now entering the second chapter of its story. The first chapter focused on hydrolats obtained via the slow infusion technique. Now we are turning our attention to oleates. And in particular oleate of rose. Collection involves drying techniques and the grinding of petals or seeds to create a powder and this process complements the techniques outlined above such as steam distillation and cold aqueous maceration for extracts, and oil maceration for butters.
To round off, a superior, chemical manufacturing process is used for the selection, monitoring and weighing of raw materials as well as the mixing processes to guarantee the correct activation of the assembled compounds.

Infused skincare by diptyque means getting a helping hand from nature when taking care of your skin. diptyque products are free from parabens, silicones, mineral oils, aluminium salts and other surfactants. The various meanings of the word care – attention to detail, treatment and application – are focused on in turn in L’Art Du Soin for the Face products, the use of which leads to a feeling of well-being and naturally glowing, radiant skin.