Slowly and vivaciously


It’s a natural change – our face from within to outer, from one’s self as seen by others. Although never the same as days pass and over a lifetime, without a doubt defining identity. Yet no-one ever sees their own face – only a reflection, merely an image. The face everyone sees as ours is unknown to us forever. It’s such a common fact that we keep forgetting the wonder of it.

It’s this that leads us to the best way of caring for our complexion – to help its outward look. Make it radiant, strengthen its luminous quality and natural appearance, help it glow. This essence is what inspired diptyque into facial care.

The main purpose was to preserve the natural benefits of the active parts of plants. Each flower, leaf, root or grain was selected for its nutritive value – vitamins, minerals, moisturizing agents. The infusion technique resembles the extraction process used in traditional herbal therapy, nowadays by laboratory methods. The hydrological method helps preserve the optimum potential of the extracted agents by the macerating distillation of plant substances. Damascus rose, jasmine, white lily, ylang ylang, neroli, almond, oat, orange blossom and many others were chosen according to their essential value depending on various uses, from water to ointment, wax to powder and clay to membrane.

The act of splashing one’s face with water connects all of us with the origins of humanity – our ancestors having done it. So as to serve this ageless tradition, diptyque’s approach is non-gender, remaining faithful to its first eau de toilette, L’Eau, created in 1968. Setting apart this careful attention to the face, accounts for using the word ritual.