Art Paris Art Fair


From 26 to 29 March 2015 Art Paris Art Fair puts emphasis on the South East Asian booming artistic scene where Singapore seems to be at the forefront of this abundantly invigorating area of the arts.

About fifty artists from Burma, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand will be exhibiting what is an undoubtedly brilliant example of insight and crucial sense, showing a strong presence, both expressive and polytonal.

Among many works displayed in this exhibition, here are three significant artists who have emerged from these prolific Asian art scenes: 

Represented by IFA Gallery at the fair, Tiffany Chung is one of the main artists on the Vietnamese art scene. Based in Saigon, she is renown for her map drawings, sculptures, videos, photographs and theater performances, exploring sociopolitical and urban transformation of places that were traumatized by war. Her yet unreleased work in France has caught attention during the last Sharjah Biennial.

Manuel Ocampo has been a sought-after artist from the Philippines and on the art scene since the nineties. His nocturnal paintings draw their inspiration not only from religious and Spanish conquest symbols and images, but also from various alternative cultures, be it from the western world or from folk art.

Lee Wen is a major figure on the Singaporen art scene. Represented by Ipreciation Gallery at Art Paris Art Fair, he’s been breaking through new frontiers with his numerous performances using the body, sense of touch, sound and even the audience. The  Splash ! photos are taken from a series of performances in which the artist would cover himself with yellow paint to question issues with the “yellow race” and its identity within a multicultural city-state celebrating fifty years of independence in 2015.

Guillaume Piens, Art Director (Commissaire Général), is organizing the Art Paris Art Fair.