The writing of light

Per Bak Jensen (Birds, 2014) - Galleri Bo Bjerggaard

Per Bak Jensen (Birds, 2014) - Galleri Bo Bjerggaard

Paris Photo: the 2014 Fair for works in the photographic medium will be held in Paris’ historical Grand Palais from the 13th to the 16th of November and will host 169 galleries, 26 art book dealers, all together representing 35 countries and… 1231 artists.

The etymology of the word photography comes from ancient Greek: photo means light and graphein means to write, to paint or to engrave.

In order to put an end to a long series of misunderstandings, it is recommended to have a look on the glossary from the official Paris Photo website, never to confuse again a photograph with an albumen print, an autochrome, a chromogenic print, a collodion glass plate negative, a cyanotype, a daguerreotype, a negative paper, a photogenic drawing, a pigment inkjet print, a platinotype or a salted paper print. And the list may not be completed yet…

Beyond techniques, trends and technical skills, what mostly matters is this undefinable something that is the eye of a photographer, what makes his optical signature, how he catches the invisible, the risks that he takes, his way to show a whole story within an instant. Talent will always foil any table of ours for understanding.

But photography also implies exercising our eyes as viewers: learn how to perceive the power of a photograph without being fooled by postures, technological smokescreen or parodies of real masterpieces. It is another of the many interests of this exhibition to show so much visual material from the invention of photography until today, selected by the finest art dealers, all experts in their respective fields.

diptyque is one of the official supporters of this extraordinary exhibition, the annual international meeting for photography.