The hourglass of diptyque

Sablier diptyque Figuier | diptyque hourglass Figuier (fig tree)

Sablier diptyque Figuier | diptyque hourglass Figuier (fig tree)

Our sense of smell’s secret access to memory is mind-blowing: it is as if the past has stood still within reach of our noses. This link between our sense of smell and time is the foundation stone of an original idea and invention that would add a twist to an ordinary object: the hourglass fragrance diffuser.

The new diptyque hourglass takes an hour to measure time. The fragrance flows through, scenting the air around the diffuser without heat or electricity. Time may well be indicative but fragrance diffusion is manifest, as is the sweetness of the hourglass itself.

Gravity takes its toll, the liquid fragrance flows from the top bulb to the bottom bulb until, at the moment it is flipped over, one becomes the other. The middle section is made of openworked metal in a matte gold-effect colour and contains a wick that diffuses the scent into the surrounding air.

Six diptique fragrances have been re-harmonised for this liquid diffusion: 34 boulevard Saint-Germain, Baies, Fig, Rose, Ginger and Orange Blossom, with variations in the colour of their respective containers – transparent, anthracite, green, pink, amber… Each one is designed to diffuse over a hundred and fifty hours of fragrance and can be refilled once (after which the wick loses its active properties).

So here we have the hourglass diffuser, a pleasure garden of fragrance that faithfully yet sweetly accompanies the person who gives it time to ‘inhabit’ rather than simply traversed.