Sensory harmony


It’s natural for a perfume to appeal to our sense of smell. It’s a pleonasm. Talking about synaesthesia when referring to Eau des Sens surely is a metaphorical twist. But an eau de toilette evaporates on the skin. Oranges are eaten. And orange is a colour. What should we be making of all this then?

Synaesthesia stems from the presence of the flower, the zest of the fruit, the colourful and fragrant citrus skin, then the branches and leaves of the tree, the essences and respective syntheses in perfumed water. From wood to petal, flower to fruit, the hard to the volatile, the rough to the smooth, from plant buds to mature plants, bitterness to sweetness, the colours of every stage, from matter to fragrance…this cycle appeals in turn to the human senses of touch, sight, smell and taste and although hearing is less obvious here, it is nevertheless present in the equation.

A fragrance radiates an evocative spell, nodding to memories that have been experienced and bringing all the senses together at the same time. The main theme underlying the composition of Eau des Sens was therefore the evocation of the senses, an olfactive perception that welcomes the other senses in, or the memory of them at least, just as some synaesthetes perceive a sound as a colour in the sky, or taste and smell a note of music. Putting together all the essences of the Bitter Orange tree from fruit to blossom in a fragrance allows, inspires and directs such sensory associations.

A fragrance is never a laboratory ‘extract’: it’s not so much the telling of a story as it is the writing a complex fragrance born from a background of research, errors and exchanges and then, once it has been created, it belongs to the story each individual’s daily life, moods and interactions with others… A perfume is a companion to the senses. It’s soft and elusive abundance merges personal fantasies, words, silences, images, memories, hopes and emotions. This is the aspiration of Eau des Sens: to create stories where all the senses merge into one.