The Oyédo fragrance is one of citrus from the other side of the world… Eau Oyédo merges two diptyque favourites: Japan and a bright citrus scent. Its composition was a dedication by diptyque to a culture that the company has always found inspirational. And its perfumed chord is based on the Yuzu fruit.

Yuzu, a phonetic transcription of its Japanese name, is a small fruit in the citrus family from Japan with a strong tangy flavour that is very popular with the Japanese, especially as harvest time in Autumn means it is available for combining with mushrooms and other late seasonal fruit.
The founders of diptyque were particularly fond of Japan and had travelled there. They loved the people and their predisposition to ceremony. They truly appreciated the culture, including ritual and ancient aristocratic arts – the tea ceremony, kôdô or kadô – which had become popular with the prosperous middle class during the Edo era (in the 17th century) as well as ukiyo-e (pictures of the floating world) – an art born from the pleasure quarters of Edo of the time – memento has produced a number of articles on this topic to date.
The sound of the word Oyédo also gives us the name of the city of  Edo (which became Tokyo in 1868), with the diphthong of Yuzu, hence the l’o that identifies all the diptyque eaux de toilette and perfumes.

The olfactory composition of Oyédo reveals the freshness and fruity volatility of a citrus bouquet on a more mysterious olfactory base that enhances it whilst providing it with some stability.

The citrus bouquet has a rich top note combing yuzu, green mandarin (from Sicily), grapefruit and orange. These sweet and acidulous scents sparkle at the crest of this perfumed accord. The heart of the latter is thyme with a woody base note.  Thus this citrus scent is based on the dynamic between fresh and spicy head notes and the calm density of woods and plants in the background. Unexpected and key, yet almost imperceptible, a raspberry note toys with this olfactive accident that stimulates the associations (this note is reproduced by frambinone, because one cannot extract the fragrant element of raspberry).

Conceived by the three founding friends of diptyque, the design for the folding and colours of the diptyque tissue gift wrap was inspired by their appreciation of origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. Launched in 2000, Oyédo is diptyque’s perfume-orientated tribute to Japan.