One Night at diptyque: three Christmas candles

Une Nuit chez diptyque : les trois bougies de Noël

Une Nuit chez diptyque : les trois bougies de Noël

Fairies, harlequins and little chefs. Children’s theatre, fairytales and open-eyed wonder. Stars, cakes and songs sung by angels. Spices, elemi, anise and honey, cedar and cloves, harmonious wisps of scent! Christmas! Three candles dedicated to the celebration of the Nativity, to all the children and everyone…

So this is the way it goes: whatever the gift it won’t mean a thing unless childlike wonder is part and parcel of the process. Christmas has eyes that shine and an innocent heart! These three Christmas candles nod to this spirit of fairytales and magical theatre and to a world inhabited by tiny, upbeat, smart, joyous beings. Of course this is part of the staging of Christmas candles, but it is also an invitation to the ritual of Christmas Eve when you are no longer an innocent child, these are the rites (religious and secular) that make us rediscover a sense of joyous celebration. These candles want to encourage and be a part of this process.

Inspired by a magical narrative called Une nuit chez diptyque this range of candles is a nod to the past of diptyque’s boutique… Pollock theatres were often organised to take place there. And Henri, a loyal collaborator with the House’s founders, knows all the secrets and mysteries therein.

The metallic blue candle of stars and fairylike musicians is called Un encens étoilé, fragranced with elemi spices (from tropical resin), cloves and a touch of incense with a vanilla top note.
Epices et délices is the vermillion candle, the one for little chefs. Ingredients include gingerbread (the smell of which involves capture at a molecular level), honey and star anise.
Green of course for a candle called Le roi sapin, the pine tree that brings as many gifts as it does needles. The scent is (of course) woody, with resin and cedar flourishes and a touch of patchouli.
The colours of the containers, whether blue, vermillion or green, gleam and shine like the traditional Christmas decorations and tinsel that adorn the festivities.

And this is how these candles will be illuminating their scents and perfuming their light for the solemnity of Christmas.