diptyque questionnaire : Olivier Pescheux

Olivier Pescheux

Olivier Pescheux

The diptyque questionnaire was based on the one completed by Marcel Proust which had become popular and out of the 34 questions, the diptyque partner answering them will choose which they wish to share on memento.

Olivier Pescheux is a perfume writer. At Givaudan he works on the conception of prestigious perfumes and is connected to renown ones. A traveller with the heart and soul of a Parisian, his special talent is in the research of the right balance of a fragrance, between its obviousness and its profoundness, between the natural raw materials and the synthetics, between the seal of a House and the necessity of astonishment.


3. Your favourite dish?

4. Your favorite fragrance?
The sweet smell of warm bread

5. Your Proust madeleine?
The smell of vineyard

6. If you were a musical instrument, which instrument would your be?
A cello

14. The book that opened your eyes to the world?
For Whom the Bell Tolls (Ernest Hemingway)

16. Three important films?
Le Sauvage (Jean-Paul Rappeneau)
To Be or Not To Be (Ernest Lubitsch)
The Bicycle Thief (Vittorio de Sica)

18. What sculptor or sculpture would you choose for your imaginary museum?

30. What is craftwork in modern times?
A respect of the « savoir-faire » which gets enriched by the current knowledge

34. For you, diptyque in a nutshell?
Elegance, beauty and delight