diptyque « perfumer & artist »


diptyque was founded by three curious friends who were artists, designers, interior decorators and art lovers. Their shared passion for perfume determined the role of diptyque as perfumers. The creation of the diptyque fragrance guide back then still remains today.

Perfumery started off at the back of the shop at 34, Boulevard Saint Germain, before the owners began working with perfumers who were keen on olfactive experimentation and exploration and now diptyque has been creating and offering customers eaux de toilette and perfumes for almost six decades. But this company’s spirit and its long collaborations with great perfumers could not have flourished without a few rules and regulations, breaking away from classical perfumery and weaving a thread that would link every diptyque fragrance with others made by the company yet keep each one distinct within its own right. These tacit rules subsequently became explicit. Here’s a quick recap for people who love diptyque, both within the company and outside it:

« For diptyque, perfume is an art and art is a journey.
An imaginary journey of the senses and the spirit across olfactory landscapes off the beaten track in search of rare, natural ingredients with unexpected accords. A journey that slips from the past to the future, the traditional and the avant-garde, towards a place full of history but packed with new ideas and division.
Because diptyque has always been between two worlds, between dream and reality, free from the boundaries between different genres and cultures and committed to fostering encounters and the mixing of ideas that inspire them.
Creator of essences and images, the eye, hand and nose united as one to ceaselessly reinvent the stunning world of high-end perfumery. »

And it is in this way, and focused on the joy of remaining faithful to the original intelligence of the three founders of the House, that the people at diptyque remain « perfumers & artist ».