The scent of Eau Mage has been created and structured from ambroxan. Its creater, Fabrice Pellegrin tells us about the richness and ambiguities of this complex synthetic molecule:

“Ambroxan is a very complex multifaceted compound which is rich, dense, deep and brings volume to the signature scent. It gives identity, it’s woody and a bit amber-smelling, slightly animal, and for me this product represents the world of diptyque perfectly. Ambroxan appeared when ambergris, a natural product released by sperm whales, disappeared from the perfumer’s palette. As ambergris was a product that could no longer be obtained, chemists worked on finding a substitute – therefore the birth of ambroxan which is extracted from clary sage. Today Ambroxan has all the characteristics of ambergris. It has an animalistic aspect with a woody amber scent, which proves very addictive which is why this product fascinates me and why I find it beautiful to highlight and create something around it.”

Eau Mage is part of Collection 34, which has its own site presenting its inspirations and makings: experience 34